Success Achieved Through Partnership

We ensure our partners are set up to succeed by offering comprehensive programs that facilitate, implement and optimize our lending solutions.

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Surge Support

We recognize the challenges that often come with adopting new technologies and processes. To help our partners navigate unique lending challenges and enable them to grow, we provide access to a world-class support program.

  • Standard Support

    Surge Standard Support is provided to all partners. With Standard Support, partners have access to Surge resources whenever an issue arises.

  • Premium & Premium+ Support

    Surge Premium and Premium+ Support includes everything Standard Support has to offer, plus additional benefits for strategic partners. Premium Support subscribers received dedicated account management, enhanced SLAs and access to additional levels of Surge service, including Success Plans and Surge Assist.

Success Plans

Surge offers Success Plans to rapidly implement Lending Operating System capabilities. Success Plans provide a proven and repeatable approach that includes the following:

  • Discovery & Enablement
  • Pilot Programs
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Ongoing Success & Support

Surge Assist

Surge Assist is available to strategic partners through our Premium Support Plans. The Surge Assist program provides experts that work with partners to maintain and update the Origination Cloud Platform. Some common uses of Surge Assist include routine maintenance, report/dashboard creation, data enrichment and enhanced platform adoption initiatives.

  • Team On-Demand

    Solve staffing challenges by having team members available when you need them. Surge Assist team members seamlessly integrate with your technology teams.

  • Ad-Hoc Support

    Increase speed to market by getting tasks performed quickly. Surge Assist team members rapidly execute task level services on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Expert Service Providers

    Eliminate ramp up time for inexperienced team members. Our Surge Assist team members have Lending Operating System experience.

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