Come Work With Surge!

At Surge we develop products and solutions that make life easier for everyone. We’ve created an environment that is tough to beat, and we think you'd agree.

Working With Surge

Surge is an all-remote company and we allow our team members to execute work autonomously, having the freedom of work/life balance and getting things done when they’re most effective. Being remote requires team members to be of a certain breed. In particular, we generally do not hire candidates with less than 3 years experience.

A completely remote environment allows organizations to retain team members as they move to be closer to parents, travel the world, or follow their significant other if they have a job transfer. People don’t have to choose between their happiness and their career. Joining in our practice of sharing knowledge through documentation, joining video calls when possible, and staying active in our company chat tools are imperative to the team’s success.

Life at Surge

We're 100% remote, what more do you need to know?

  • WFA

    Work from your couch. Work from your kitchen. We're results oriented and don't care where you work!

  • Voice Your Opinion

    Have an idea or suggestion? Great! We love team members who think outside of the box and have a vision of their own.

  • Unlimited PTO

    That's not a typo. We're firm believers in work/life balance!

  • Benefits Package

    We offer a very competitive benefits package that could cost you little to nothing out of pocket monthly!

  • Invest In Yourself

    Conference you want to attend? Certification you've always wanted? Let us know! We love helping team members reach personal and team goals.

  • Equipment Provided

    We provide whatever you need to do your job. Seriously, you name it and you got it.