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Founded in 2017, Surge is obsessed with creating innovative technology for lenders and loan originators.

Our Story

The founders of Surge have always had a knack for manufacturing innovation out of nothing but hard work and creativity. Whether that meant taking a cash advance on a credit card to acquire and rehab an investment property, or creating a technology consulting practice and growing it to over 150 team members, Surge’s founders have always found a way.

In 2014, the founders discovered Salesforce and had the vision to leverage the powerful cloud platform as a foundational element for end-to-end loan origination. Ahead of their time, as young and ambitious entrepreneurs, the founders jumped in heads first and began designing the Origination Cloud.

After exiting their respective real estate and technology consulting businesses, the founders started to develop Origination Cloud. With grit, passion and a touch of stubbornness, Surge declined multiple investment partners to self-fund and start-up Surge in 2017. Fast forward to today, Surge has created an ecosystem of technology that represents the future of modern lending.

Surge will always remain committed to creativity and innovation and we are growing our footprint as the go-to technology partner for lenders and loan originators.

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Our Innovation and Evolution

2008 - 2017

+ Surge founders successfully created and operated multiple technology consulting and real estate investment businesses, managing 100's of staff members and owning a portfolio of 325 residential units.

+ Surge was established to service the mortgage and alternative lending industries.

2017 - 2019

+ Surge began as a professional services business focused on automating the manual processes around loan origination.

+ Bootstrapped from the start, Surge invested in and built the first version of Origination Cloud and supporting apps in parallel to performing consulting services.


+ Surge launched Partner 360 Sales and Alliance to manage Sales and Counterparty risk for wholesale mortgage lenders.

+ Surge formed key partnerships with cloud platforms, lead aggregators and market data providers to offer Origination Cloud to lenders and loan originators at scale.

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